Access Control and Attendnace Machine
Sira approved company.
Sira approved company.

Time Attendance


A time attendance machine will help you in tracking employee working hours. Leobix is supporting various types of time attendance machines. The employee can register their attendance through   Card, Biometric, Face recognition, mobile app. The timekeeping system should offer web login, remote login, and backup. Managers can track anywhere while accessing web login.  Attendance software will support keep employee details, leave policies, fixed schedules and flexible schedules.

Attedance Machine

Access Control

Leobix is an integrator and product selling of Access control and Time attendance machine. Access control is protected from unauthorized access. Our product is Honeywell, Lenel, Suprema, Bosch, ZK, Essl, Hikvision. All Security devices granting multilevel security. Leobix providing Centralized or standalone access control system in the UAE


Access Conrol in Dubai

                                                                     Access controls are necessary to ensure only authorized users can obtain access to the allowed area. We can customize access and restrictions on a scheduled basis. You can open your door lock through face recognition, Biometric, Access Card. Various types of access available such as Access Card, biometric, Face recognition, Irish face, SMS code, etc. We are supporting access control installation in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Fujairah, Rasalkhiama, Sharjah and  Ajman


Access Control and Time Attendance Machine

                                                   Now days Face recognition is the most affordable safety machine preventing spread COVID-19. The company can replace an existing device to face recognition attendance machines.  Our technical team helps you with fulfilling your requirements.


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